Special and Modified Enclosures

Modified enclosures continue to be the cornerstone of Wiegmann’s success. Whether an OEM needs one or thousands of enclosures,Wiegmann’s ability to service the customer comes from over 81 years of experience.

Automated nesting CNC’s and Coil lines give Wiegmann supreme flexibility. Applications are only limited to customer imagination. Wiegmann is set up to provide a wide variety of materials from Carbon Steel, Galvanized, Stainless, Aluminum, and Painted.

Today’s customer requires a wide array of special colors. That is why Wiegmann offers (as an option), over 200 special colors “in polyester powder”. Special punching, tapping, studs, size, channel iron, sub floors, weather hoods, special colors, special materials, plating . . . you name it . . .WIEGMANN does it!

Why Wiegmann is the KING OF SPECIALS......

  • Cost-effective
  • Allows the customer to hit the ground running
  • Number one in high volume turn around times
  • Dimensional changes don’t affect our flexible MFG lines
  • We offer over 200+ standard RAL colors
  • Wiegmann was spoon fed on special studs, pems, latching, holes, cutouts, channel iron, barriers, windows, sunshields, & internal brackets (81 years of enclosure experience)
  • One or 10,000 units a month we do it
  • Assisted OEM/CUSTOMER take-off designs

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